Our Menu

We invite you to discover the best of Catalan cuisine through our menu.

At L’Amfora we offer a wide variety of dishes with a special focus on Mediterranean rice and seafood. We are especially proud of our delicious paella, one of the best in Barcelona and our star. All our dishes, from starters to desserts, are made with top quality ingredients and homemade recipes. Discover the best of Catalan cuisine in our menu.

Our cuisine is 100% Mediterranean and author, prepared at the moment with fresh seasonal products from our own market and nursery. Come and enjoy a unique culinary experience at L’Amfora!

To Start

  • Artisanal Catalan bread with fresh tomato and virgin extra olive oil 3,75€
  • L'Amfora croquette (unit) 3,75€
  • Mediterranenean anchovies with kaffir lemon oil, garlic, parsley and seaweed caviar 6,95€
  • Grilled L'Amfora seafood skewer with prawn sauce 7,95€
  • Padron peppers with piquillo pepper mayonnaise 7,95€
  • L'Amfora Bravas puff pastry potatoes with brava sauce and homemade aioli (5 und) 12,75€
  • Mediterranean salad with French pil pil tomatoes, piparras, capers, olive soil with artisanal burrata and basil vinaigrette (without burrata 10,75) 16,75€
  • Premium platter of cheeses with forest fruits, marmelades and nuts 19,75€
  • Garlic shrimps in txakolin sauce with garlic chips and fresh chives 17,75€
  • Acorn-fed Iberian ham DOP Dehesa 19,95€
  • Fish and seafood soup with seasonal vegetables and bread croutons 24,50€
  • Galician style octopus with potato cachelos, de la vera paprika and extra virgin olive oil 25,50€
  • Salmon Ravioli with frutti di mare 25,50€
  • Grilled mediterranean red prawns with homemade cava sauce, garlic and parsley 29,75€
  • Traditional seafood platter L'Amfora 49,50€ person

Fesh Pasta

  • Fresh Fettucini L'Amfora with lobster and seafood 49,50€

Selected Meat

  • Grilled veal steak (300 g) with gourmet potatoes and hollandaise sauce 29,75€
  • Grilled beef T-bone steak with Padron peppers and French fries 59,50€

Seafood and
fish catch of the day

  • Grilled lobster with wok of seasonal vegetables 59,75€
  • Grilled sea bass or sea bream with San Sebastian sauce and its garnish 29,50€
  • Grilled sea bass or sea bream in rock salt 39,50€



Paellas Prepared at the moment, with the best ingredients on the market and our chef’s secret brand. Paellas are prepared for at least two people, and take between 25 and 45

  • Vegan paella with seasonal vegetables, Pak Choi and cherries 21,50€ person
  • Traditional Special of the house L'Amfora seafood paella with lobster 39,50€ person

    (only red prawns 29,75)

  • Seafood Black rice with lobster and saffron alioli 39,50€ person

    (only red prawns 29,75)

  • Meat paella with beef steak 300 grs 39,50€ person
  • Grilled chicken paella with crispy sausage shavings 27,50€ person
  • Paella with lamb (100% HALAL) 32,50€ person
  • Special seafood paella with national lobster 59,50 person
  • Fisherman's style fideuá 26,50€ person