Our Menu

On our menu you will encounter traditional recipes with high quality ingredients. We specialize in paellas and seafood, nevertheless all our dishes are held to the same quality standards. Discover the best of the Catalan cuisine with us.

Our Starters

Begin a journey with us

Start discovering the treasures of the Mediterranean cuisine with our delicious starters. Our starter dishes are made with the same love and attention to detail as our seafood and paellas and feature the same fresh ingredients and traditional recipes that we are known for.  We carry both cold and warm starters that will be the starting point of a great meal.

Cold Starters

Crystal bread with tomato €2.50
Catalan crystal bread with tomatoes and garlic.

Cantabrian Anchovies €16.50
Serving of cantabrian anchovies

Tuna Tartare €18.50
Fresh raw tuna diced and served on a bed of avocado and over a mint cream, topped with crunchy parmesan.

Cheese platter €20.50
Assortment of local cheeses.

Iberian cold cut platters €20.75
Assortment of iberian ham, chorizo, loin and fuet.

100% Iberian ham €22.75
100% accorn fed Iberian ham.

Warm Starters

Padron Peppers €14.25
Traditional grilled green peppers, non spicy.

Garlic Prawns €17.50
Fresh grilled prawns with olive oil and garlic.

Grilled Asparagus and Ham €17.75
Grilled wild asparagus with 100% accorn ham.

Green beans and baby squid €22.50
Green beans with fresh baby squid.

Grateen scallops €22.50
Fresh grateened scallops with iberian ham shavings.

Fisherman's soup €15.75
Clams and mussels on a fish and veggie stew.

Galician lobster soup €24.50
Creamy galician lobster soup.

Our Paellas

The house of paella

At L'Amfora Restaurant we call ourselves the "House of Paella".  We offer a unique experience in Barcelona by crafting our Paellas to your taste. Whether you prefer crunchy, creamy or on point rices we will serve you a paella you will love. Our Paellas feature the freshest seafood available. We serve them with Galician mussels, clams, oysters and spider crabs, and pink lobsters, shrimps and king prawns from the Mediterranean. We also top our rices with select meats, such as Galician veal and catalan sausages. Finally, we also make our Paellas vegetarian to accomodate all preferences.

Minimum 2 per order. Priced per person.

Seafood Paella €22.50
Fresh mussels, clams, king prawns and shrimps with our rice cooked to your taste.

Senyoret Paella €25.00
Our traditional seafood paella with everything peeled.

Meat Paella €21.50
Juicy veal, chicken and pork over our riced cooked to your taste.

Mixed Paella €21.50
Fresh mussels, shrimps and prawns and juicy chicken. The best of the land and sea.

Vegetarian Paella €20.50
No meat? No problem, we make our delicious paella with all veggies.

Black Rice Paella €21.50
Our traditional seafood paella with black rice tinted with squid ink.

Black Rice Senyoret Paella €24.50
Our peeled seafood paella with black rice tinted with squid ink.

Cod Paella €21.50
Fresh Galician cod and wild asparagus paella.

L'Amfora Paella €39.50
Our house specialty. Fresh mussels, clams, king prawns, shrimps and Galician lobster.

Fideuas and other rices.
Minimum 2 per order. Priced per person.

Crusted Rice €22.50
Chicken, longaniza and catalan sausage on a baked rice with an egg crust.

"A Banda" Rice €22.00
Rice prepared on a fish broth accompanied by red shrimps, mussels and prawns.

Mountain Rice €22.50
Broth covered rice with chicken, rabbit, pork loin, catalan sausage, porcini mushrooms and veggies.

Galician Lobster Rice €35.50
Broth covered rice with fresh Galician lobster, mussels, clams, shrimps and prawns. A house specialty.

Seafood Fideua €18.50
Fresh mussels, clams, king prawns and shrimps with noodles and alioli.

Black Fideua €18.50
Our traditional seafood fideua with squid tinted noodles.

Our Seafood

Discover the best of the Mediterranean

Besides our paellas we also specialize in seafood. We go out of our way to serve our customer the freshest oysters, clams and mussels brought right from the sea to our live tanks. We also have a wide selection of crustaceans and moluscs, including Galician spider crabs and lobsters, pink Mediterranean lobsters, red shrimps and king prawns, and squids and octopus. Whether you try them grilled, baked, boiled or stewed our seafood will not dissapoint you. 


Live oysters €4.50
Fresh live oysters chosen from our tank. Priced per unit.

Mussels €15.25
Steamed galician mussels.

Fisherman's style mussels €17.50
Mussels on a fish stew.

Wild clams €20.50
Steamed Galician wild clams.

Fisherman's style wild clams €21.75
Galician wild clams on a fish stew.

Grilled squid €19.25
National squid prepared in our grill.

Galician razor clams €17.50
Fresh galician razor clams prepared in our grill.

Grilled octopus €21.50
Fresh octopus prepared on our grill.

Galician style octopus €22.75
Steamed octopus on a bed of steamed potatoes.


Galician spidercrab €24.50
Fresh Galician spider crab from our tank prepared on the grill.

Grilled shrimp €26.50
Fresh Mediterranean shrimp prepared on our grill.

Grilled red shrimps €26.75
Fresh Mediterranean red shrimp prepared on our grill.

Grilled carabinero shrimps€34.50
Fresh Mediterranean extra large red shrimps prepared on our grill.

Galician Lobster €95.00
Fresh Galician lobster from our live tank. Priced by kilo.

Pink Mediterranean Lobster €S/M
Fresh Mediterranean lobster prepared on our grill. Daily market price.

Seafood platter €120.00
Serves 2 people. 4 red shrimps, 4 crayfishes, 4 king prawns, 4 razor clams, 1 Galician lobster, 10 wild clams, 2 scallops and 10 mussels.

L'Amfora seafood platter €120.00
Serves 2 people. 8 red shrimps, 8 crayfishes, 8 king prawns, 6 razor clams, 1 Galician lobster, 12 wild clams, 2 scallops and 12 mussels.

Our Fishes

From the sea to your plate

Our love of the sea extends to fishes. We bring the best of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic to your plate by serving fresh sea breams, cods, hakes, monkfishes and more. Our fishes are as fresh as our seafood and are sure to satisfy whether you try them grilled, baked, stewed on our rices. Discover the best of the sea alongside us and our fishes.


Daily fish €S/M
Daily fish at market price.

Cod with garlic or mushroom cream €22.50
Fresh Galician cod grilled and served with tender garlic or porcini mushroom cream.

Fisherman's monkfish €23.75
Monkfish served on a fish and mussels stew.

Baked wild sea bass €23.75
Wild sea bass prepared on our oven.

Rock salt wild sea bass €26.25
Wild sea bass baked in rock salt. House special.

Baked sea bream €24.25
Sea bream prepared in our oven.

Rock salt sea bream €26.50
Sea bream baked in rock salt.

Imperial turbot €28.75
Fresh turbot grilled and served with a shrimp sauce.

Our Meats

The best in the land

We serve fresh and juicy Galician veal, pork and lamb alogside delicious sauces. All of our meats are prepared with authentic Catalan recipes and with the same attention to detail and care that we put into our paellas and seafood.


Veal entrecot €19.25
Grilled entrecot steak.

Veal tenderloin €24.75
Grilled veal ternderloin.

Galician steak €62.50
Grilled Galician steak. House specialy. Priced per kilo, available in 500 gr. 

Duck magret €22.75
Duck magret with red berries and apple parmentier.

Baby lamb ribs €21.75
Wild sea bass baked in rock salt. House special.

Sauces €3.00
Roquefort, pepper, mustard, tender onions or mushroom sauces.

Our Salads

And other vegetarian options

We want everyone to feel welcome at our restaurant. For this reason we have developped a wide array of salads and other vegetarian options that are made with the same attention to detail as our paellas and seafood. Our vegetarian dishes feature the same quality of ingredients and traditional recipes as the rest of our menu and are sure to please those with dietarian restrictions.

Salads and vegetarian options

Mixed salad €11.25
Lettuce mezclum, tomatoes, red and green peppers, eggs, tuna, onions, carrots, asparagus and corn.

Prawn and salmon salad €18.25
King prawns and salmon salad.

Cheese and tomato timbale €12.50
Fresh mozzarella cheese and tomato timbales on a mint and zuchinni cream.

Quinoa trio €17.50
Three types of quinoa on a parsnip brunoise and tofu grateen.

Veggie grill €17.50
Assortment of vegetables prepared on our grill.

Veggie paella €20.50
Our traditional paella made with vegetables.

Padron Peppers €14.25
Grilled green peppers. Non-spicy