Our Menu

L'Amfora has something for every taste, with a special focus on Mediterranean rices and seafood. We are especially proud of our Paella, the star of our menu and one of the best in Barcelona, but we can assure all of our dishes from starters to desserts are made with excellent ingredients and home made recipes. We invite you to discover the best of Catalan cuisine through our menu.

Our Starters

Begin a journey with us

L'Amfora invites you to start discovering the Mediterranean with our starters. Hot or cold all of our starters feature high quality ingredients and traditional recipes that will become a good start to a memorable meal. And they are all made with the same care and attention as our paellas and seafood.

Cold Starters

Catalan Bread   €2.50
Traditional catalan crystal bread with tomatoes and garlic

Anchovies   €16.50
Serving of anchovies.

Tuna Tartare   €18.50
Raw tuna diced and served with a topping of fresh avocado.

Cheese Platter   €20.50
Assortment of local cheeses.

Iberian Cold Cut Platter   €20.75
Assortment of local cold cuts featuring Iberian ham, chorizo, longaniza and pork loin.

100% Iberian Ham Platter €20.50
100% accorn-fed Iberian ham platter. Hand cut.

Warm Starters

Padron Peppers   €14.25
Spanish style grilled green peppers. Non-spicy.

Garlic Prawns   €17.50
Fresh prawns grilled and seasoned in oil and garlic.

Trigueros and Ham   €17.75
Grilled wild asparagus with 100% accorn-fed Iberian ham.

Green beans and Baby Squid   €17.75
Green beans with baby squid.

Grateen Scallops   €22.50
Fresh scallops, gratinned and served with Iberian ham shavings.

Fisherman's soup €15.75
Fish broth

Lobster soup €24.50
Lobster soup

Our Paella

The house of paella

L'Amfora serves paella made with traditional recipes and the highest quality of ingredients. We feature over 14 types of paella, plus several fideuas and brothy rices. We offer a unique experience in Barcelona by customizing our rices, adjusting their seasoning, cooking and ingredients to your taste.

Our paellas are topped with the freshest seafood, including clams and oysters from our tank and groupers fresh from the sea, the juiciest beef or both, without forgetting to include vegetarian options.

Our Seafood

From the sea to your plate

L'Amfora especialices in high quality seafood. We bring the freshest Galician mussels, clams and oysters and the most delicious shrimps, lobsters and squids from the Mediterranean to the heart of Barcelona so you can try them with us.

Choosen from our live tank and cooked traditionally in our kitchen you can try our seafood grilled, steamed and on our rices and stews, whichever way you choose you will have memorable experience.



Our Main Courses

The best from the land and sea

Our love for seafood extends to our fishes. We serve a variety of hake, monkfish, sea bass, sea bream and cod brought over from the Mediterrenean and Galician coasts. Wheter you try them grilled, baked or stewed our fishes will be as delicious as our paellas and seafood.

L'Amfora also has an extensive menu of meats featuring veal, lamb and duck and with the same standards of quality shared across our menu. Brought fresh from Galicia, we prepare them in our grill and serve them to your taste.



Our Salads

And our other vegetarian options

Everyone is welcome at L'Amfora, so we feature plenty of delicious veggie options for those with dietary restrictions. Our salads feature fresh high quality ingredients that are up to the same standards as the rest of our menu. And yes, we do make vegetarian paella.